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Anticipate business trends. Optimize sales and marketing strategies. Advance the future of healthcare.

Where healthcare is concerned, nothing ever stands still. Anticipating what providers need, as their clinical and regulatory targets keep moving, remains challenging. Knowledge is key to optimizing strategies and offering ideas that can help bring providers into compliance while they align patient care with the best business practices.

As the most comprehensive collection of the best health IT intelligence, HIMSS Analytics gives you that edge — data-driven solutions to help you optimize provider marketing and sales strategies.

Access self-reported hospital IT data such as purchasing plans, installations, market share, contacts, and more. Whether you need access to the entire database or to specific categories, HIMSS Analytics helps you navigate the market— at the macro or micro level.

As health IT keeps evolving, let HIMSS Analytics help you go to market smarter…and faster.

HIMSS Analytics® Database

Enterprise Edition
Go grand or granular to explore what’s next in health IT. With exclusive, full-license access to the HIMSS Analytics Database, gain the competitive edge and optimize existing and emerging opportunities. Your password is your passport to HIMSS Analytics’ entire online database environment.

Professional Edition
If access to the entire HIMSS Analytics Database doesn’t fit your current business strategy, pinpoint your prospects with one or more of the HIMSS Analytics popular HIT segments. Choose from among strategically targeted categories – including EMRs, PACs, RCM and mHealth – and clarify market trends or target leads for your specific IT solutions.

Small Business Edition New!
Easily access micro views of the HIMSS Analytics Database with this precision data option. Achieve strategic advantage by being just a click away from ordering data online at any time. Purchase software installations and key contacts by filling out a short online order form, and receive the Excel data file via email. It’s that simple.

HIMSS Analytics® Canadian Database

Whether your healthcare company is evaluating or already selling into the Canadian health IT market, the HIMSS Analytics Canadian Database is a must-have guide to understanding the market. It is a roadmap of who’s making the decisions in Canada and where they are being made.

HIMSS Analytics® Canadian Database

Find out how you can build your client portfolio, improve customer service/relationship management, and effectively target your sales and marketing efforts. Request a demonstration of the HIMSS Analytics Database today.

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